Services We Offers

Building & Construction Oil & Gas
Water-proofing Compounds
Anti corrosive Compounds
Joint free floors
Glass clear Epoxy Wood Paste & Stick
Anti-corrosive compound - slug catcher
Epoxy steel paste - Cold welding steel structure built on rigs & oil tanks
Ceramic compound- pumps, valves
Anti-corrosive and water proofing Compound – Pipe-works
Automobile & General Equipments Sugar
Epoxy Steel 4min - machines, ducts protection
Stopleak- radiator leak-proofing
Anti-corrosive Compound- body & bottom
Epoxy Clear 4min - glass & plastic
Ceramic brush-able - abrasion resistance
Water proofing compound – machinery & body protection
Ceramic compound- pumps, valves
Cable jointing kits
Steel compound- against fumes cold welded joints
Anti corrosive compound- treatment plants & tanks
Mining Water treatment plants
Crusher backing compound - bulldozer arms & all crusher lining
Belt repair compound – bonding flexible belts
Cable jointing kits – cable in mines
Bronze Compound- impellers
Water proofing compound – machines & surfaces contact with water
Ceramic compound- pumps, valves, dewatering centrifugal
Anti corrosive compound - tank covers
Petrochemical Power generation
Steel Paste - Tank walls can be leak-proof with cold welding
Anti-corrosive Compound - coat for protection
Ceramic compound- pumps, valves
Anti corrosive compound - Corrosion resistance at temperature
Immediate repairs, without special tooling, Low labour costs, in-house repairs.
Flexible Epoxy-Belt jointing
Steel compound- holes in tanks
Anti corrosive compound- frames & body maintenance
Ceramic compound- pumps, valves
Paper & Pulp Electrical components & Electronics
Aluminium liquid- rollers cracks & rebuilds surface
Steel paste- grip coat on lumber rolls
Ceramic compound- pumps, valves to last longer
Clear adhesive
Casting compound- circuit closing, water & leak proofing
Cable jointing kits
Insulating Compound- electrical insulation – LT/ HT- Bus-bars
Supersafe Insulating tapes
Duct-seal- Rubber reusable putty for Electrical insulation
Electrical Conductive compounds
HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) Industrial Maintenance
Ceramic compound- High temperature and chiller protection
Concrete compound- cooling towers
Anti- Corrosive Compound
Concrete Paste & Putty Stick

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